COVID-19 Prevention News

In response to the continuous rise in infection cases worldwide, the University has its duties to remind you to follow the preventative measures against COVID-19 during the vacation as follows:

  • If you exhibit any symptoms of respiratory, gastrointestinal, or olfactory disorder, do report your health and location records on the NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Platform. (
  • Do not go to any high-risk areas that are often crowed or visited by foreign travelers or immigrants. Do wear a face mask and sanitize your hands.
  • When you go back to your hometown or travel to tourist attractions during Chinese New Year holidays, be aware of the coronavirus pandemic updates released by the Central Epidemic Command Center. Avoid popular spots. Protect yourself well by wearing a face mask when taking the public transportation and by maintaining good personal hygiene.
  • If you start to display coronavirus-like symptoms, do wear a face mask and seek medical advice immediately at a nearby hospital. Do NOT come to school either for work or learning. If you become a suspected case after diagnosis and require to be screened, you need to inform our Campus Security Report Center (24-hr hotline: 06-2757575 ext. 55555). The school will contact you to provide help and care.
  • When organizing any activity, do follow the University’s “Checklist of the measures against COVID-19: Public gatherings.” A preventive plan with a checklist corresponding to the estimated number of participants has to be made, countersigned by the Health Center if needed, and officially approved a week prior to the meeting date.
  • If any of the following risk factors cannot be controlled, it is strongly advised that the activity should be either canceled or postponed.
    • Participants should practice social distancing, stay at 1.5 meters apart in indoor spaces, 1 meter in outdoor spaces. If a safe space cannot be kept, participants are required to wear a face mask. In addition, the event organizer can place a divider between close seats or make the seating arrangement in a zigzag pattern or at a fixed interval to avoid close contact.
    • The event organizer should provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers and carry out temperature checks at the entrance. Participants should disinfect their hands and get their temperatures checked no matter taking part in an indoor or outdoor activity.
    • Real-name registration is required for large-scale events. The event organizer has to compile a list of participants in advance, including their self-reported health conditions and travel histories. Non-NCKU participants should fill in the COVID-19 Questionnaire. Entrance control, cleaning, and area disinfection all shall be fully implemented.
    • A specific contingency plan regarding the handing of a suspected case has to be made by the event organizer. The plan should detail where to separate the ill person, how to hospitalize the person, and the reporting procedures.
  • All faculty, staff, and students are required to fill in the 6th COVID-19 Questionnaire on the NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Platform ( BEFORE the school begins on February 22. Please log in to the website and complete the questionnaire during the period from February 17 to 22. In doing so, we can be alert to everyone’s health condition and safeguard our campus.

Please keep up the good work and stay well!
NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Caucus