About Tainan


Tainan City
Ancient Capital Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan, is situated on the southwestern coastal plains of this island. It is under a warm climate year-round. Tainan is the oldest city and the fourth largest city now in Taiwan. The population in Tainan is over 760,000. The gentle-natured people in Tainan are warmly hospitable. The tranquil life here seems far away from the hustle and bustle of modern urban. With its long history, Tainan is rich in historic sites and cultural heritage.

Night Life
Nighttime in Tainan can be whatever you make it. If you like tranquility, you can go to the KuangFu campus of National Cheng Kung University to stroll quietly and enjoy the gentle breezes, the aroma of flower blossoms, and the chirping of myriad insects. It you like noise and bustle, you can go to the night markets and buy some gifts for friends and relatives. If these suggestions fail to fit your fancy, then go for a quiet conversation over a cup of fine tea in one of Tainan's unique tea houses.

Because of the culinary culture that has developed along with this ancient city, a tour of Tainan not only brings brand-new mental experiences but offers priceless opportunities to satisfy your unique taste. Among those authentic Tainan snacks that are known far and wide include Coffin Cakes, bread in the shape of a coffin which has been hollowed out and stuffed; nutritious Passing the Lean Months Noodles, which were developed by the fishermen of former times to help them get through the slack fishing periods; Pot-side Pancake Soup, made with rice dough spread on the side of a hot wok and scraped off in pieces; Rice Dumplings; Rice Pudding flavored with various sweet or savory ingredients; Eel Noodles; Sweet Potato Pork Dumplings; Rice Cakes; Crystal Pork Dumplings; and Milkfish Congee. These delicacies can be savored wherever snack vendors congregate, such as the Garden (HuaYuan) Night Market and the Anping Old Street.